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4 Great Ways to Save for an Investment Property in the New Year

Do you have investment property dreams for 2018? Whether you’re nearly there or just taking your first steps, our team can help. Here are a few tips to keep you on track if you’re determined to stick to your guns in 2018.

Don’t take a holiday

This may sound like a huge sacrifice, but Australians appear to be less enthusiastic about vacations overall. Roy Morgan Research revealed in January that the number of people who planned to take a holiday had slipped to its lowest level (69 per cent) in three years.

Switch jobs

Finding a new job is a popular New Year’s resolution for many Australians, and this could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Switching roles often brings a pay rise, meaning you can save more money towards your investment property.
Around 50 per cent of people think about looking for a different job as the new year approaches, figures from Indeed show. Of these, 61 per cent do so because they want a salary increase.

Use apps to optimise your saving

Having a clear savings plan is important, yet MoneySmart claims that 35 per cent of people either don’t have a strategy or they have one but don’t always stick to it.
Thankfully, technology can always lend a hand, so try downloading a budgeting and saving app. Popular options include:
TrackMySPEND: ASIC’s expense-tracking tool for simple budgets; Acorn: The digital equivalent of a change jar; and
Pocketbook: A comprehensive savings app that links to bank accounts, credit cards and loans.
Use a mortgage broker

How Can Oak Tree Finances Help?

One of the best ways to achieve your savings goals quicker is to reduce the target you need to reach.
Our home loan brokers have access to a multitude of lenders, enabling us to compare mortgage interest rates on your behalf and choose a product that meets your needs and budget.
Our team can help you research, organise and negotiate the ideal loan for your personal circumstances. So, contact us today to maximise the effectiveness of your 2018 investment property saving plans.
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