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Popular Holiday Spots to Invest In

Australia’s natural beauty, vibrant culture and outdoor pursuits make it the ideal destination to invest in a holiday home. A property that is not only an investment in your quality of life, renting it can be an income all of itself. 
So, where are the best Australian holiday spots to invest in property? 

The Sunshine and Gold Coast 

In anticipation of the Commonwealth Games, the local government has invested heavily in infrastructure improvements, giving this already vibrant local economy a further boost. A popular spot for holidaymakers with beaches famous around the world, the recent opening of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital is expected to create another rise to the student population, furthering the need for affordable rental accommodation. The regions airports and the areas direct links to Brisbane make it well connected for both commuters and travellers. Overall a thriving area ripe for investment. 


Boasting low property prices and the nation’s highest growth in rental returns, Hobart is a dream come true for property investors. Indeed, the Domain’s December 2017 market report shows rental yields in the area has risen by 17.3 per cent over the year – the highest of any Australian city. Hobart really is a city of culture. Home to arguably the most interesting art gallery in Australia, the MONA, and host to some of the country’s most popular arts festivals, Hobart consistently receives a lot of tourist attention, and there is no sign it’s going to slow down any time soon. 


Canberra offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to make their first plunge into the investor market. It’s thriving public sector employment base, ideal location and quality universities are paving the way for future population and economic growth – ensuring rental demand for years to come. Property prices are currently very affordable with a high yield potential, combined with unrivalled access to national reserves and the sporting potential of open country. 
If you’re thinking of investing in an Australian holiday home and need a hand finding the best possible home loan for your unique situation, contact us today. 
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