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What is the Ideal Property Type for Your First Home?

Getting ready to buy your first home is an exciting time. While saving for your deposit or wading through the intricacies of home loans can be a strain, it’s all worth it when you can finally start picking out your dream home. But with so many types of property on offer, what do you go for first? 

We’ve run through some of Australia’s main housing types to help you decide what will work best for you. 


An increasingly popular property, particularly in growing cities and commercial hubs, apartment blocks combine stunning views with the convenience of inner city living. Close to offices and downtown attractions, high-rise living can save you time and money on transport and ensures you’re always within walking distance from the action. The smaller space can also get you a good location for a first-time buyer’s budget. An added bonus is the ability to buy your apartment off the plan, which could qualify you for substantial savings on stamp duty. 
However, apartments do lack outdoor space and though many come with certain amenities like pools or communal gyms, they often have corporate fees attached to them. Car parking can also be a major expense, particularly in crowded cities like Sydney and Melbourne. 


Townhouses or villas are usually two-story buildings located in complexes of fifty or more properties. They are often, though not always, owned by a strata manager and have onsite amenities such as gyms, tennis courts and pools. They are a great way to bag a good location alongside access to corporate maintained luxuries and are usually within the first home buyer budget. 
However, like apartment blocks, amenities come with fees. For those wanting a secluded spot, these close- knit complexes may also not provide the privacy desired. 

Detached house in an outer suburb 

The traditional dream house of Australia offers a large modern home on a spacious estate. Plenty of backyard space for children or pets and with several bedrooms, bathrooms and a garage, you can get a lot for your money. Land also gives you the potential to extend in the future, so you can upgrade without moving. 
There are some drawbacks, however. Suburban locations can be a significant distance from workplaces, particularly those in the inner city. Estates on the outskirts can also have limited access to public transport and local amenities, making a car another crucial expense. 
If you’re looking for your first home and want some advice on the ideal home loan, speak to us today! 
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